The Stranger

Editorial for The Hibiscus Journal Magazine

Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo

Styling: Yegwa Ukpo

Model: Peter Finn

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Flying Bodies

Business of Fashion Op-Ed: When Passion Was Everything

Former French Vogue editor Irene Silvagni talks about her time as creative consultant and European ambassador for Yohji Yamamoto in the early nineties and about the indelible mark the designer has left on the fashion landscape of the last thirty years in Debra Scherer’s short film Mono No Aware

Alpinism by Zoe Ghertner for Fantastic Man #16 Autumn Winter 2012 (styling: Jodie Barnes)

Alpinism by Zoe Ghertner for Fantastic Man #16 Autumn Winter 2012 (styling: Jodie Barnes)

René Burri x Comme des Garçons: (note: Burri’s photographs were used for all the 2012 direct mail catalogs, no.1 above) “It all began because Rei Kawakubo found me. She has an incredible sense of going beyond. When she sent me the first designs, I was amazed because she owned all of my old books. Even the ones from the 1960s, that I did on Germany. She took my work, respected the images and made them into collages in a very interesting way. It is almost like recycling. Taking the same ingredients, but making a new combination, whilst keeping the spirit of things. I was so impressed. In a way, it took my own work further from what I had done at the time, because all I was really doing was going on and on. I couldn’t stop. I am the first photographer in the Comme des Garçons series . When her and Adrian Joffe first asked me to be involved, they showed me the work of Ai Weiwei. I remember turning to Rei and saying “but what can I do, how can i do it?”. She told me that I didn’t have to do anything. That she would take my work, recycle the images and design them. I just saw the last one in the series, no. 29. Rei is really unbelievable. Now, here I am, confronted with a construction of my own work.”



Aitor Throup - New Object Research

Mongolia Riding Jacket