Valerio Olgiati’s ‘one thing’

”[…] But, you are asking me now about what is my, kind of, philosophical background, what is the common idea of everything. The common idea is this idea of making an object or an architecture that reacts or that acts like ‘one thing’. This is what I call an organism.

Like an organism where all the parts in an orderly sense are dependent on each other and kind of grow out of each other into a next part of the whole thing. Like when you take a piece away it does not fit anymore. And it’s not that when you take a piece away it doesn’t look good anymore or it’s not good anymore. I really want to make buildings, when you take a piece away then they break apart.[…]

When you say that you object or your architecture is ‘one thing’, then the consequence of this is also that you are not a composer. You’re a divider.

A composer is one that puts things together in a modular way, that means that at the end —the organism that is created, or let’s say the settlement that is created by the architect as a composer doesn’t have a clear form from outside or it doesn’t have a defined form.

And when you do one thing, you have one idea, then you divide it up. So the consequence is that I always work with a square or with a cube, of course I don’t believe in the square or in the cube as an almost religious idea. But the more you think about something, the more you are this divider, the more you start with an absolute form.”

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