Stardust is a 2010 short film by Belgian artist and filmmaker Nicolas Provost which consists almost exclusively of stolen shots and hidden camera footage taken in Las Vegas during a trip. Provost take those clips of random people engaging in conversations, making phone calls, watching a screen or merely gazing into space, edits them using cinematic language and combine them with music and dialogue bits from films like Heat and Die Hard to infuse scenes from everyday life with tension and suspense and ultimately to manipulate the audience into generating coherent narratives and developing characters out of nothing.

In addition to the anonymous cast of casinos staff members, clients and passersby, Stardust also boasts a surreal lineup of Hollywood heavyweights with cameos from Jack Nicholson, Jon Voight, Danny Trejo and Dennis Hopper (Stardust being his last recorded footage as it turns out).

“How I managed to film them all is something I like to keep secret for the sake of the concept of the film,” says Provost. “The viewer prefers the experience of being intrigued to knowing the mystery, but I can say that I met them and filmed them myself. It is not found footage. I thought that blending Hollywood stars with real people would be an interesting thing to do. But it is also my tribute to them, because they have offered me so much inspiration and love for cinema.”

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